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euo: by Cedric Yon on Flickr.

Jenny Holzer, My arrogance knows no bounds and I will make no peace today, and you should be so lucky to find a woman like me 





WANT ME | alt cover |


unphazedcat replied to your post “Like idk how many niggas have been rapping about police brutality and…”

like everyone ever! everybody wanna act like kanye on some new shyt when tbh the way he talks about racism isnt even all that deep? like he rly only talks abt the racism that effects blck men bc it all has to come back to him =p

ye only care cause he can’t break that glass ceiling  


one day.

Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 2006

"Away for the Weekend", ELLE US, October 1992Photographer: Gilles BensimonModel: Helena Christensen